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Quick Start 2000 Electronic Ignitions

QuickStart 2000 Electronic Ignitions - Brings your antique Harley back to life, works on six & twelve volt systems, works with your stock coils, easy two wire hook up and fits your original stock distributor.

About the QuickStart
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QuickStart 2000 - Performance & Troubleshooting


These units are designed to fit properly. If the rotor does not fit properly DO NOT FORCE IT ON as you may have ordered the wrong unit! Do not modify the plate, if the plate gets hot it will destroy parts in the module and void the warranty. If your distributer has a bolt or a "C" clip holding down the points cam it is an after-market distributor not made by Harley Davidson. If you have ordered the wrong unit it can be returned and exchanged as long as it has not been modified or damaged in any way. Call Ed for further instructions on exchanges and returns: 231-588-2520.

This unit is designed to work on 6 or 12 volts, but will work on as low as 5.2 volts.

Coils for Best Performance
Suppression coil wires work best
6 volts: 1.2 to 3 ohm coils (point coils will work) A 1.5 ohm coil works best.
12 volts: 2.7 to 4.7 ohm coils (point coils will work) A 3 ohm coil works best. Coils over 4.7 will cause a high speed miss.

Testing ohm's on the Coil
If the bike cuts out at high rpm's, the coil is usually the problem. To test the ohms on the coil, take off the wires on both small posts, test with an ohm meter from post to post. If the bike runs on one cylinder or has a high speed miss the gap between the rotor and module may be too wide. The gap cannot be over .040 and should be about the thickness of a business card. If the gap is too wide it is okay to elongate the screw holes in order to reposition the plate closer to the rotor. This is done by hand using a small chain saw file so the plate does not get hot. Any questions call Ed: 231-588-2520.

Grounding and Voltage
This unit needs a good ground, and as MUCH VOLTAGE AS POSSIBLE. The module plate needs a good contact. A thin layer of grease is recommended to stop corrosion. The module plate gets its ground through the points base and the engine. 

Smaller Point Cams
Harley Davidson made the distributor (breaker) shaft smaller on some distributors. The best way to make the rotor fit tighter is to use scotch tape up one side, over the top and down the other side of the shaft, then press on the rotor.

Proper Fitting for the Module Plate
On the 1965 Harley Davidson, the module plate needs to be modified for proper fit. Ed has done the proper modifications on the 1965 units.

Plugs and Wires
The best setting for plug gap is .028. Solid core wires do work with the units although suppression coil wires deliver a hotter spark and perform better.

Problems Starting the Bike
You still need to retard the distributor. Try starting the bike like you normally do, kicking the engine over twice, with the choke on and key off, then with the choke almost off and key on, retard about  1/2 way back. It shouldl start with the next kick. With the engine warmed up, it starts with the first kick without choking.

Need additional help? Contact Ed by phone 231-588-2520 or email ed@ebeyond2000.net

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